Our Beliefs

Divine Science is a spiritual New Thought denomination founded in 1888 centered on the metaphysical principle GOD IS ALL PRESENT. Omnipresence is the belief that one Presence fills All, and it is GOOD. This One Presence includes Love, Wisdom, Power, Substance and there is no opposite or other than this Omnipresence.

“The whole of Divine Science is the practice of the Presence of God. Truth comes through the Bible, Affirmative prayer, contemplation and meditation and the practice of the presence of God here and now.” – Nona Brooks, our co-founder 

Divine Science is based on this one changeless Truth: that God constitutes the nature of All Being and that God and only God fills all realms and dimensions of existence. Nothing we do or fail to do can separate us from this One Present Source. Paul reminds us, “in Him we live, and move, and have our being.”

Divine Science teaches practical, reasonable living based on the omnipresence of God. Divine Science is an extremely positive approach to life, seeking to accept the good in people and all of life. Divine Science stresses that God is not a physical man in the sky, for this limits our ability to perceive God’s true nature. God is Spirit, everywhere present, the one and only Spirit behind, in and through all things, visible and invisible.

Our church celebrates you as a perfect creation of God. Regardless of your sexuality, gender, race, or anything else, you are a miracle and were made exactly how you needed to be.

Divine Science denies the existence of any power or presence opposed to God. It sees that there are evil appearances and suffering in the world, but ascribes these to man’s ignorance and erroneous use of God’s laws of life.

Divine Science seeks to relate religion to daily needs, affirming that for every need there is God’s perfect answer. Divine Science chooses to believe that there is good in every religion, and different beliefs and approaches are all seeking the one God; Consequently, Divine Science does not deny anyone the right to have their own beliefs.

Divine Science sees worship as serving God by uplifting and glorifying God’s spirit in man in positive, joyous ways. It seeks not to emphasize one’s sins of the past, but instead gives attention to the good that exists in every person and what can be done with the now to transform one’s self and his life.

Its main concern is not so much with a “future life” but with teaching people how to live fully in the present, seeing the good in all things. Divine Science also believes in eternal life and views the present moment as part of this eternal life.

Divine Science proclaims the divinity of Jesus, but goes further and assures that you, too, are a child of God and therefore divine in nature. Jesus expressed His divine potential and sought to show us how to express ours as well. Salvation is then the expanding understanding of one’s innate divinity and perfectibility through living the life demonstrated by Jesus.

Click here to read “Why I am a Divine Scientist”, a newspaper article by our founder from Denver, Nona Brooks.

Divine Science is a member of the International New Thought Alliance, whose statement of belief reads:

  1. We affirm God as Mind, Infinite Being, Spirit, and Ultimate Reality.
  2. We affirm that God, the Good, is supreme, universal, and everlasting.
  3. We affirm the unity of God and humanity, in that the divine nature dwells within and expresses through each of us, by means of our acceptance of it, as health, supply, wisdom, love, life, truth, power, beauty, and peace.
  4. We affirm the power of prayer and the capacity of each person to have mystical experience with God, and to enjoy the grace of God.
  5. We affirm the freedom of all persons as to beliefs, and we honor the diversity of humanity by being open and affirming of all persons, affirming the dignity of human beings as founded on the presence of God within them, and, therefore, the principle of democracy.
  6. We affirm that we are all spiritual beings, dwelling in a spiritual universe that is governed by spiritual law, and that in alignment with spiritual law, we can heal, prosper, and harmonize.
  7. We affirm that our mental states are carried forward into manifestation and become our experience in daily living.
  8. We affirm the manifestation of the kingdom of heaven here and now.
  9. We affirm expression of the highest spiritual principle in loving one another unconditionally, promoting the highest good for all, teaching and healing one another, ministering to one another, and living together in peace, in accordance with the teachings of Jesus and other enlightened teachers.
  10. We affirm our evolving awareness of the nature of reality and our willingness to refine our beliefs accordingly.

Divine Science is a New Thought denomination like Unity Church, Religious Science / Centers for Spiritual Living and Universal Foundation for Better Living. We invite you to visit our metaphysical Hickory church for a dose of positive, practical spirituality.