Hickory’s Spiritual New Thought Church

Welcome to our New Thought metaphysical church in Hickory! We hope that you find our message resonates with your Spirit. Our mission is not to “save” you or convert you to anything, but to walk with you Spirit in Spirit, providing a firm foundation and safe spiritual space while riding the roller coaster of life. Let’s take the journey together, knowing we are One in All.
The message of New Thought tells us, “I and the Father are One”. We come together, not out of necessity or guilt, but rather joy, to worship the omnipresent God – the indwelling God – in whom we live, move and have our being.
Holding this thought in our hearts, we welcome you to The First Divine Science Church of Hickory!

April 30th – May 28th 2017 – No services!! We will be traveling. Join us at other New Thought churches in the region.

4/30/17 – No service due to Coptic Conference in Johnson City
5/7/17 – Unity of Asheville 11:00 AM – http://unityofasheville.com/
5/14/17 – To be announced
5/21/17 – To be announced
5/28/17 – To be announced

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Divine Science is a New Thought denomination like Unity Church, Religious Science / Centers for Spiritual Living and Universal Foundation for Better Living. We invite you to visit our metaphysical Hickory church for a dose of positive, practical spirituality.